Postnatal Confinement Care Package

Congratulations on motherhood ! We share your joy as you welcome your newborn(s) into your life. Understanding that labor and delivery can take a toll on your body, our Postnatal Confinement Care Package is specifically designed to support new mothers like yourself in recuperating and regaining vitality to feel healthy, energized and strong for yourself and your little ones.


Monthly Herbal Tea

Sheung Wan provides "Complimentary Herbal Tea" (flavours change to suit the different seasons).
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Basic TCM Concepts

Having trouble getting a good night's rest? Read on to find out more on the TCM perspective and its remedies!
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Digital TV

Common Ailments for Children 2 to 10 - Senior physician Qi Xiao Yan (Ep.15)

We want our children to go out into the world to explore but at the same time, we worry about overexposing them and putting their little bodies at risk.
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