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大家可曾經試過以下情況:腹脹、肚痛、肚瀉、便秘等腸胃問題,若然是偶然一次,當然不必在意,但若是經常性發生,則須要特別留意,因為可能已患有腸易激綜合症 ...了解更多


Monthly Herbal Tea

Sheung Wan provides "Complimentary Herbal Tea" (flavours change to suit the different seasons).
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Basic TCM Concepts

Having trouble getting a good night's rest? Read on to find out more on the TCM perspective and its remedies!
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Digital TV

Common Ailments for Children 2 to 10 - Senior physician Qi Xiao Yan (Ep.15)

We want our children to go out into the world to explore but at the same time, we worry about overexposing them and putting their little bodies at risk.
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